Christmas In London: A New Beginning Part 2

Christmas markets, food, and snow galore!

As the week came to an end and the weekend began, Kennedy woke up to a fresh snowfall outside as she drank her tea and stared out her front window. Today was the day that she and Greyson were going to go to “Winter Wonderland” in Hyde Park. Christmas markets were not as popular of an event in the U.S. as they were in the UK and Kennedy was so excited to be able to experience a proper Christmas market. Kennedy spent the next half an hour sitting by her fireplace watching the snowfall. Even though she had been in London for a year and had seen it snow many times now, she still couldn’t get over how beautiful the snow was, especially when it was falling.

Greyson came to pick Kennedy up around 10 am, so they could get a taxi to Hyde Park for the Christmas Market. “Are you ready to go?” he said as she opened her door and let him in.

“I’m so excited to go. Let me just grab my bag.” Kennedy said as she grabbed her coat and bag. They walked out the door together. After they walked for a few minutes and reached the street corner, they waited until a taxi stopped and picked them up. “Hyde Park please,” Greyson said as they closed the door and the driver drove off into the still falling snow.

The Christmas market was an array of small shops, food booths, games, and rides. It just had the amazing feel of Christmas in the air. Kennedy was in awe of the market as she and Greyson stepped out of the taxi. As Kennedy and Greyson walked around, they tried so many of the different foods. Kennedy absolutely loved the Nutella and banana crepe that Greyson bought her. There were so many different Christmas themed hot drinks, that Kennedy didn’t know what to do with them all. There were so many cute little shops that Kennedy couldn’t help but get a few things for her family’s Christmas box that she was sending out to them on Monday.

As their day at the market started to come to a close, the pair stopped at one of those booths with a baseball and plates game. Greyson was able to break all of the plates and he won Kennedy a cute stuffed Christmas dog. Kennedy hugged the dog closely, hand intertwined with Greyson, as they walked back out towards the street to catch a taxi back to Kennedy’s flat. After Greyson had left, Kennedy chose to have a relaxing night. She made a cup of hot cocoa, turned the TV on, and relaxed with the fire lit while she watched a Christmas movie.

Stay tuned for the next episode to see how Kennedy and Greyson spend their Christmas. Will there be a special present for Kennedy under the tree this year?



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