Christmas In London: A New Beginning Part 3

Megan Arangure (Weber)
3 min readDec 16, 2020


It is truly a magical Christmas Eve!

Christmas was just a day away and Kennedy was so ecstatic about Christmas this year. She and Greyson had a day planned of spending time together, video chatting with both of their families, and making a nice dinner together. Little did Kennedy know there was another surprise waiting for her at the end of the day.

Kennedy spent her Saturday tidying up her flat and getting everything ready for Christmas. Her day was full of mundane things from cleaning to getting groceries. When she had finished cleaning and running errands, Kennedy ran a bath and chose to have a relaxing night in before all the Christmas festivities started the next day.

Greyson was over early the next morning so that he and Kennedy could spend some time together before all of the full Christmas events kicked into gear. Greyson and Kennedy just chilled and had a lazy morning until it was time to video chat with their families. They wanted everyone to meet so they chose to do a giant video chat with both Kennedy and Greyson’s families. They had such a lovely time introducing and chatting with their families.

It made Kennedy’s heart so happy to be able to spend Christmas with everyone she cared about, even if they weren’t there with her. They spent a couple of hours chatting with their families, catching up on what had been going on since they had last talked and introducing everyone to each other, and spending time getting to know all of their new family members. As it got later in the day, Greyson and Kennedy said goodbye to their families and started to get ready to cook dinner. After they had eaten their Christmas meal, Greyson and Kennedy exchanged presents.

Once they were done, Greyson looked at Kennedy. “I have one more present for you,” he said, “but we have to go somewhere to get it.” Kennedy wasn’t quite sure what Greyson was up to, but she went along for the walk. No matter how many times they went on walks, Kennedy always loved when they took walks through the snow the most. They walked and talked and before she realized it, Kennedy and Greyson were at Big Ben. Kennedy always thought it looked beautiful, but with the lights and the snow, it was so magical. Kennedy had gotten so caught up in the beauty of Big Ben, that she hadn’t noticed Greyson was getting down on one knee.

“Kennedy,” Greyson said as she turned around and was taken back seeing Greyson down on one knee. Kennedy knew what was happening and if her heart hadn’t been bursting with joy from the day, it was now. “It has been a year since we met and I knocked your hot cocoa out of your hand, but it was one of the best things that I have ever done. I have loved getting to spend the past year with you. I love you so much. Kennedy, will you marry me?” Kennedy was smiling uncontrollably, as tears streamed down her face.

“Yes yes yes!” she said as Greyson kissed her and slid the ring onto her finger. “Greyson I love you so much! This is beautiful and the best Christmas present ever!”

“I have one more surprise for you.’ He said, “Look over there.” Greyson said as he pointed just across the way. Kennedy saw all of her family and Greyson’s family as they ran over to them and covered them both in hugs, love, and congratulations. This was Kennedy’s favorite Christmas Eve ever!

Stay tuned for the next episode to see how Kennedy, Greyson, and their families spend Christmas Day together!