Christmas In London

A story of a young girl struggling to get in the Christmas spirit when she is all alone in London.

Christmas was just around the corner and the snow was beautifully falling as Kennedy walked through the city back to her small flat. The snowflakes gracefully landed on her hat and eyelashes as she walked up to her front steps to the door. Kennedy’s door was the only flat to not be decorated for Christmas. As she walked inside and set down her purse, she went over to her small Christmas tree and turned on the lights. It was not the fact that Kennedy didn’t like Christmas, actually, that was the complete opposite. Kennedy loved Christmas more than any other holiday, but this year was going to be the hardest Christmas of them all. Kennedy had moved to London at the beginning of the year to live abroad for two years. None of Kennedy’s family had gone with her — they were all back in the United States. Even though Kennedy had been in London for a while, she always spent Christmas with all of her family, even when she was away at school.

As she sat down, after turning her tree on and making a cup of hot cocoa, she sat on her couch and tried to call her mom. It was early afternoon in London, but London is eight hours ahead of Kennedy’s mom who was back in California. The phone rang and rang, but there was no answer, so Kennedy hung up and tried to get to work on her writing. She grabbed her cocoa and her laptop and went over to the small office space she had, and sat down at her desk, looking out onto the snow-covered street. Kennedy sat down and continued to work on her novel, periodically glancing outside as the snow continued to gently cover the street in white. Kennedy typed and typed to block out how much she truly missed her family. Next thing she knew it was almost midnight and Kennedy needed to go to sleep. As Kennedy saved her writing from the day and shut down her computer, she sleepily walked over to her room and crawled into bed, as the snow continued to cover everything white.

The next morning, after she had utilized her day off to sleep in, Kennedy woke up and sleepily got dressed. When she checked her phone, she had a text from her mom that said “Hi honey, sorry I missed your call yesterday. I hope you are doing well and that you have a great Christmas this week. Even though we aren’t together, please enjoy your Christmas, for me. I love you so much, my beautiful daughter. Merry Christmas.” Kennedy couldn’t help but smile at the text from her mom. As she walked out of her house into the beautiful snow, she kept thinking back to what her mother had said. She wanted to enjoy Christmas, but even if she did, she had no one to spend it with. Yes, she had friends from work and she did know her neighbors, but no one extremely close. Kennedy wanted to do as her mother had asked, but she had no clue how to accomplish it.

Kennedy made her way through the snow to “Cuckoo Coffee” just inside the city. When she got inside she walked up to the register and ordered a peppermint hot chocolate. While Kennedy waited for her drink, she took off her beanie, scarf, and gloves. Just then, the barista called out her name and she grabbed her drink. As she was walking to her usual table that she sits at to write, someone bumped into her and she dropped her hot cocoa, as well as her beanie, scarf, and gloves. “Oh, I’m sorry. Let me help you.” The person said as Kennedy bent down to pick up her things. As the person bent down to help Kennedy she looked up. The man had coffee-colored hair and bright emerald green eyes; “Here let me buy you another drink. I am so sorry, I wasn’t paying attention. I’m Greyson by the way.” They both stood up and he handed Kennedy her gloves. “Thank you,” Kennedy said, as they walked back towards the register. Kennedy ordered and Greyson followed behind to pay. As they were waiting for their drinks Greyson asked, “What is your name? I didn’t catch it.” “My name is Kennedy,” she replied shyly; “thank you again for buying me a new drink.” “You’re welcome, it was my pleasure.” After they had both gotten their drinks, Kennedy started to head towards her table, when Greyson asked, “Would you mind if I joined you? You seem like you need some company.” Kennedy seemed taken back, but she remembered what her mom had said and figured she would try and have a good Christmas. “Sure, that would be nice,” Kennedy said, as she and Greyson walked over to her usual spot. They quickly began getting to know each other.

Stay tuned for the next episode to find out what happens between Kennedy and Greyson and whether or not Kennedy will be able to enjoy her Christmas.



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