Christmas In London: Part 4

Christmas love is a very special thing.

Kennedy woke up the next morning and jumped out of bed — it was Christmas Eve and Kennedy knew she was going to be spending it with Greyson! Kennedy got dressed in her beautiful green sweater, black jeans, and fuzzy socks, as she started to warm up her house. Greyson said he was going to be over at 11:00 a.m. and it was already 9:30 a.m. Kennedy continued to get herself and her house ready. After Kennedy lit the candles and started a fire she went and grabbed Greyson’s present and put it under the tree. Kennedy finished getting the house ready; she grabbed her laptop and sat on her couch to write while she waited for Greyson to show up.

After Kennedy had been writing for a few minutes, her doorbell rang and she got up to let Greyson in. “Good morning and Merry Christmas,” Greyson said, as he hugged Kennedy and gave her a kiss on the cheek. “Good morning and Merry Christmas to you too,” Kennedy said. Greyson took off his coat and followed Kennedy into the living room. “Would you like a cup of tea or hot cocoa?” Kennedy asked. “A cup of cocoa would be wonderful,” Greyson said. Greyson followed Kennedy into the kitchen and they chatted as she made them each a cup of cocoa. After Kennedy made the coco, they both walked back into the living room, turned on the television, and started watching Christmas movies. As the movies played, they talked and laughed and made jokes about childhood Christmas movies. Kennedy and Greyson had to wait a while before they could video chat with Kennedy’s family because of the time difference, but when they did, it was a blast. Kennedy introduced Greyson to her family and Kennedy’s mother was already in love with the boy who had brought her daughter’s Christmas spirit back. They all talked for a few hours before it was almost midnight for Greyson and Kennedy.

Once Greyson and Kennedy said goodnight and Merry Christmas to her family, they decided to give each other their gifts. Greyson insisted that Kennedy open her gift first. “Oh Greyson, this is beautiful. I love it. Thank you so much,” Kennedy said as she held the leather book that had ‘Write’ inscribed on the front. “You’re welcome,” Greyson said with a smile on his face. Kennedy handed Greyson his present and waited while he opened it. Kennedy had gotten Greyson a golden plaque with his name on it. “It’s for when you make a name for yourself, so you can put it on your desk that you’ll have in your office,” Kennedy said as she smiled at him. “Kennedy… I love it. This is one of the best gifts I have ever received. The very better gift I’ve gotten at Christmas was being able to meet you,” Greyson said as he took Kennedy’s hand.

The Christmas tree gave a soft glow to the room, as the fire added to the glow and warmed up the room. Outside, the snow softly fell from the sky and snowflakes stuck to Kennedy’s front window. “Greyson, today has been such a wonderful day and I couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas. Thank you,” Kennedy said as she smiled at him. “Kennedy, this has to be my favorite Christmas of all time,” Greyson said as he held Kennedy’s hand. “Kennedy… I love you,” Greyson said as he smiled at her. Kennedy was a tiny bit shocked, but she didn’t care. “Greyson, I love you too,” Kennedy said as she smiled back at him. Greyson pulled Kennedy close and gave her a Christmas kiss. “Merry Christmas!” They both said to each other, snuggling close in the glow of the fire, as the snow fell outside.

This was the best Christmas that Kennedy and Greyson had ever had and they couldn’t wait for many more Christmases to come.



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