I’m Planning My Wedding During A Pandemic. Here’s What You Should Know

COVID-19 has completely changed our world, but little did I know it would change everything I thought wedding planning would be.

Back in March my fiancé proposed on what was supposed to be a trip to a Spring Training game with my parents. Due to COVID-19 that was cancelled and my parents weren’t even in town. We ended up taking his dog with us up north and what was supposed to be Sedona ended up as Flagstaff. I started the day as a girlfriend and ended the day as a fiancé. Our whole engagement started off with a twist and it has been a crazy adventure ever since.

Let me tell you growing up I did not expect that planning my wedding would look anything like what it has been. But even through all of that craziness I have learned a lot. Here’s a few things that I have learned so far about wedding planning during a global pandemic.

These are just a few of the important things I have learned. Now let me explain. First off, you only get to be engaged for a small portion of time with this person you are going to spend your life with so enjoy it. You can only use the word fiancé for so long before you become a Mr. or Mrs.

Trying to plan during a pandemic has led my fiancé and I to be extremely flexible. Making sure we have plans set in place to determine whether or not to have a full on wedding and checking that your venue and photographer will work with you if you have to postpone the big ceremony. Whatever happens, doing all of this during a pandemic adds a whole other level of stress that you would never think about to wedding planning.

Because of all this stress make sure you and your fiancé are taking time for each other and are talking about it all. No matter what anybody says you will always have people trying to give you their opinion on how you should do things for your wedding. Just remember this day is for you and your fiancé so make it what you guys want it to be not what others want. Even if you have to change your plans you can still make it what you want it to be even if it’s small.

Now that last thing I listed is truly the most important. If you take nothing else away from this please take this. Throughout all the craziness, stress, and expectations of wedding planning and what a wedding is supposed to be sometimes you can lose sight of the actual wedding day. No matter what happens the most important thing is that you get to marry the love of your life. You may not have the traditional wedding ceremony or reception. It may only be 10 people present that are you close friends and family. You may not get to toss the bouquet or have that beautiful send off. But what you will have is an everlasting promise from the person you love that they will be there for you till death do you part.

The whole point of marriage is to marry the person that you love. Even though all the other wedding traditions are fun and so nice to have and that may have to be postponed. The important part of that wedding day is that you get to marry the person you love.

Things in life are never perfect, but you have to make the best and find the bright side. That’s what my fiancé and I are trying to do and yeah it may be hard. There may be nights where you get overwhelmed or cry your eyes out or even just feel like all of your planning has been ripped to shreds. That is okay to have those moments and to support each other during them because it is hard when you don’t get to have it how you want it to be. But for me even though I’m sad I probably won’t get to have my normal traditional wedding. I couldn’t be more excited or happy to still get to marry the love of my life even if it is a small ceremony. Because at the end of the day we have each other and that it all I could ever ask for.



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